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Fashion: Wedding Style Tips

What do I wear? Will it be appropriate? The answer is anything and everything.

From a formal gown to shorts on the beach, the decision is yours.

Traveling with your gown and accessories to the Caribbean is very common, and you will see quite a number of couples doing the same.

For this memorable day, do not worry about appearance.

The Caribbean Wedding Planners/Directors of Romance are experts:
  1. Providing great stylists for your big day
  2. Hair & Makeup
  3. Spa treatment (his & hers)
  4. Wedding attire if you do not want to travel with extra luggage
  5. Shoes
  6. Tuxedos
  7. Gifts for the attendants
  8. Accessories

Simple Guidelines for a Caribbean Wedding:

Make sure your dress is appropriate for the occasion. You would not want to wear shorts for a religious wedding. Weddings gowns, though traditionally white is now seeing a dash of color added. See styles below:

Island Wear:
Some destinations have wonderful designers who also cater to the wedding and honeymoon markets. One such designer house in Puerto Rico is “Leonardo” and you can get a full array of anything your heart desire from one of his many stores.

You are in the Caribbean! Colors are everywhere, from the brilliant blue of the sky, the inviting warmth of the Caribbean Sea to the carpet of flowers throughout the island. Incorporate this into your attire. Bring colorful footwear to complement and enhance your attire.

For the mountain wedding, decorate a pair of sneaker, for the beachwear, sexy sandals and for the formal wedding sexy open toed heels.

You do not have to bring the entire family jewels. You can use local products or bring an array of costume jewelry. As a reminder, do not pack anything expensive in your suitcase. Keep it with you at all times. I prefer to wear mine and have no problem letting airport personnel use their wand for final check rather than having it disappear from the conveyor belt.

The trend for 2009 is all about color and cost. Use local flowers. It is more cost effective. Your wedding planner will help you with the names, colors and selection.

This is truly where you can be as lavish as you want or operate on a more controlled budget. There are cake designers who specialize in fantasy cakes and will ship anywhere. Then you also have the Caribbean bakers. If you have not tried a Caribbean wedding cake, please do so. You can have local formal cakes with all the designs, cupcakes, trendy deserts or whatever you desire. There is a Caribbean folktale that if you cut a slice of your wedding cake and put it under your pillow you are guaranteed to get pregnant. Please be careful about the size of the cake under your pillow as you may end up with too many children.

When it comes to jewelry designs, quality and quantity you cannot beat the Caribbean. The prices are usually 30% less than the United States, and it is the perfect place to shop for bridesmaid gifts or to exchange ‘honeymoon’ gifts. You are embarking on your new life together; you celebrated this event with your vows now you will want to have a physical remembrance. That translates into a watch or other fine piece of inexpensive bauble.

Hair and Makeup:
You have skilled beautician on all the islands that will do a fabulous job of makeup and hair, all at a fraction of the cost you would pay in the United States.

Wedding Planner:
Do not attempt to have a destination wedding without the use of a planner. They are most helpful in securing anything you may need or forget to bring, navigate and take care of all paperwork. You can work with the hotels that have their own staff to do this or you can select an independent and certified planner.



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