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Planning the Perfect Caribbean Honeymoon

mainsail There is so much to do in planning the perfect wedding that sometimes the honeymoon takes a back seat.

After all you have the centerpiece of the day: the dress, followed by the cake, location, seating arrangements, family obligations, etc.  You and your Wedding Planner are preparing for the best day ever. So, it is important to remember these useful tips of information. Beach-Dining

  • With airlines and hotels prices at an all time low, now is the perfect time to plan your getaway.
  • You will of course have a destination in mind that you and your ‘better half’ would have agreed on, and you do want to confirm and check this out with a seasoned Travel Agent.
  • It also helps to check with friends or review hotels on line with popular sites such as TripAdvisor or to see what others are saying about your hotel or destination choice.


  • Make sure you have a valid passport or all necessary documents for easy access back into the United States.
  • It is your honeymoon, not an average trip so you may want to ‘freshen’ up your wardrobe with a few sexy bikinis, shorts and evening wear: casual, sexy and fun.
  • Reminder, please have essential make up and reading material in your carry on.  Follow the changing rules of customs as to the size and variety that will pass inspection.
  • Verify your flight and seating arrangements before you leave.
  • Confirm with Travel Agent day of arrival and availability of room upon arrival in destination.  Basically, your room should be cleaned and waiting for you.
  • Start packing a few days ahead of departure day, so final packing will not be a rushed one.  Suntan lotion is a must so make sure this is at the top of your list.
  • Enjoy this well earned trip, and Congratulations on your new life.  The Caribbean has much to offer and you will find a diverse product offering from your selection.


Images courtesy of MainSail  Resort and the British Virgin Islands


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