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The Caribbean's Wedding, Honeymoon & Romance Ultimate Guide 2024More

A Romantic exchange of vows while sailing the Caribbean provide memories to last a lifetime.

driving-cruise-shipTo make sure the memories are positive ones, you will want to work with a qualified Travel Agent.

Why, you ask? The Travel Agent would know the ship that he/she is recommending having sailed on it themselves, would know the best cabin for you, what time you would like to eat, the legalities of getting married on board or in a port/destination, and a myriad of answers to your questions. Do spend the small fee necessary to work with a travel professional.

1. How do I know which cruise is right for me?

You will start off by visiting the numerous websites and familiarizing yourself with the different cruises & itineraries. Pick the destinations that you always wanted to visit. Once you have decided on the destinations, look at the cruise ships and their offerings, and remember that ‘cheap’ is not necessarily the best. It is your wedding or honeymoon that you are planning, and therefore you will want to make sure the accommodations are right for you and yours. You certainly do not want an inside cabin next to the engine room? Yes the price maybe great – but there is a reason for that. An inside cabin is exactly what it says, no windows, no vista, no romance, no watching the sunset from your cabin, no watching the sunrise from your cabin.

2. Using a Travel Agent

Next move on your part is to seek out a qualified Travel Agent who will guide you through the process and make the bookings for you. Please do not wait until the last minute to make your reservations. Give yourself time so that you can get the best price and the best accommodations.

3. You have now booked your cruise!

Review all documents received from the cruise line/travel agent to make sure what you are requesting is what you are getting. Make sure you have a valid passport. Collect and put in a folder all documents required by the cruise line for your upcoming wedding or honeymoon. Make a copy of your documents and leave with a family member, including ship and itinerary. In case of an emergency one phone call will get you needed copies of anything you may have left behind. Please remember a valid passport is needed for entry into most destinations.

4. Transportation

Your very valued travel professional (Travel Agent) will have planned your flight or connection to the ship. You could do a ‘one stop shopping’ of sending your luggage straight through to the ship and hope it arrives in your cabin. Or if you are like me, you follow each segment of your luggage. Do have small change handy for tips (usually $1 – $2 per bag).

5. You are now safely on board!

Today’s travel regardless of the mode of transportation, forbids you from bringing knives, weapons of any kind or any illegal substance. You will now be given the key to your cabin and by the time you are processed, your luggage would have already been placed in your cabin. This key will also allow you to shop on board or charge anything to your account. Later, the ship will do an emergency drill so that you can familiarize yourself with your life jacket stations.

6. Relaxing Journey

Everything on your cruise is now available for you and your love to enjoy. Going to the movies is free, all meals, some drinks, activities galore. And of course the main reason why you are there – either a honeymoon or wedding. You will want to have a couples massage (extra) but well worth it. Do remember this is your ‘special time’ and you want to make it memorable.

7. Port of Call

Each day, depending on the chosen itinerary, you will visit a new destination. You can make use of the ship’s excursions (additional cost) or you can hire a local taxi and see the sights. Do remember that the ship travels on a schedule and they will not wait for you if you are late getting back.

8. Now it is time to say goodbye

You have sailed the beautiful waters of the Caribbean, you have shopped to your hearts content, but most of all you are now legally married. And now it is time to settle your bill before you leave the ship. This will include mandated tips for staff. Please review all charges carefully. All disputes should be settled before you leave.


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