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Motto: "Out of Many, One People"
Language: English, Jamaican Patois
Currency: Jamaican Dollar (JMD)
Airports: Montego Bay (MBJ), Kingston (KIN), Kingston (KTP), Ocho Rios (OCJ)
Known for: Jerk chicken, fruit, laid-back attitude, music
Official Tourism Website:
Drives on the: Left Side
Calling Code: +1 473

Every year over one million visitors come to Jamaica, the Caribbean's third-largest island, and it's not hard to see why.

Jamaica is a self-contained holiday universe offering unsurpassed tropical beauty, excellent water sports, the most vibrant of music scenes, and a sophisticated tourism industry.

There are many different images of Jamaica, because the country is so diverse, and visitors find that most of them are accurate. Sometimes even picture-perfect. It's an island where you can find peace and seclusion in relaxed coastal hideaways and cool mountain inns, or join the crowds in the big, popular resorts.

Jamaica has one of the most diverse populations in the Caribbean. From African, Chinese, Indian, British, German and Irish, you will find a blending of the races, giving credence to the Country's motto "Out of Many One People". And of course Jamaica is noted not only for its music but world renowned for its coffee. There is nothing like a good cup of Blue Mountain.

In addition to the excellent coffee, Jamaica's hotel offerings run the gamut. From small Inns to large hotels, you can literally choose the style that suits you best. Whether it is an all inclusive where every imaginable detail is taken care of (the home of the Sandals & Beaches chain) to the more upscale Tryall Hotel, HalfMoon Resort and of course Round Hill. The Halfmoon Resort is truly a spectacular property, over 400 acres and every detail is attended to. The villas and suites are extraordinary, and the staff is truly superb. Great backdrop and location for a fabulous destination wedding or honeymoon.


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Things To Do in Jamaica


Attractions & Sight Seeing


The islands capital has gotten a bit of a bad rap over the years but truly dominates Jamaica's political, commercial scene as well as culturally. Visit any of the following attractions for a healthy dose of Jamaican beauty and history

  • Bob Marley Museum
  • Castleton Botanical Gardens
  • Caymans Park- Horse racing weds. & Sat. and on public holidays
  • Devon House
  • Hope Botanical Gardens
  • Coins & Notes Museum
  • Jamaica Defense Force Museum
  • King's house
  • Lime Cay
  • National Gallery of Jamaica
  • National Gallery of Art

Montego Bay

This city sits in a bay with mountains rising in the background. You could describe Montego Bay as the Mecca for shopping and dining. The beaches are lined with some of Jamaica's finest all inclusive resorts. So, besides for taking part in some of the fine offerings of the resort be sure to check out the following attractions

  • Rose Hall Great House- home of the infamous Annie Palmer
  • Greenwood Great House- one of the finest restored plantation homes
  • Falmouth- A walking to tour to visit this 18th century port town, where you will see beautiful historical buildings
  • Discovery Bay- Site of Columbus' landing in 1494
  • Runaway Bay- where the Spanish "ran away" when the British invaded

Port Antonio

Birthplace of bamboo rafting and home to some of the best deep sea fishing one will ever experience. Also the gateway to John Crow and Blue Mountain ranges. Other attractions worth seeing

  • Erroll Flynn Estate- The movie star that fell in love with the city and became absorbed in local culture. He purchased Navy Island and Comfort
  • Island Castle Plantation
  • Goldeneye- The beach front estate of Ian Fleming
  • Somerset Falls


Discovered in the 1700s by rowdy pirates and then invaded by hippies in the 1960's. This is the newest resort destination on the island. Famous for its seven mile long sandy beach. Fun in the Sun as well as water sports are really the main attractions in this city, but be sure to check out the Negril Light house, it has amazing views!


The English built this small city (2,000 ft in elevation) to escape the heat of the coastline, it probably has the best climate on the island. Activities include bird watching, caving, mountain exploration and not to forget... saying "I do"!

Ocho Rios

Water sports and natural wonders are the attraction in the Cruise capital of Jamaica so you know it is full of markets, shops, restaurants and of course discos!

Be sure to check out the Dunns River Falls, a 600 ft waterfall.

Water Sports

Surrounded by water and over 100 rivers, Jamaica is bound to be able to accommodate just about every water activity known to man.

White Water Rafting

enthusiast will not return home disappointed. Great rafting sites include The Great River, just outside of Montego Bay. The Rio Grande made famous by Errol Flynn. Martha Brae River, a bit more then 20 miles outside Montego Bay. New Sites are being discovered all the time, maybe the next one will be by you & yours to be! Many of these rivers also have Bamboo rafting, which is synonymous with Jamaica.

Scuba Divers & Snorkelers

should feel free to venture towards the west coast. There are more then 40 sites off the 10 mile long reef at Booby Cay. Waters around Kingston have many historical wrecks to dive to as well.

Calling all Fishermen

Gamefish run romped through these Caribbean waters. "Marlin Alley" runs along the north coast with a "triple crown" of Billfish. Starting in around September in Montego Bay, then traveling to Ocho Rios and ending In Jamaica's deep sea fishing waters of Port Antonio. Fly fishing opportunities are also available in the Great River.

Championship Golf

Play like a pro or at least where they play at some of these famous golf courses

  • Wyndham Rose Hall Golf Course- par 72
  • Half- Moon Bay Golf Course- par 72
  • Tryall Golf Club- par 71
  • Sandals Ocho Rios Golf Club- 18 hole
  • Mountainside course
  • Breezes Golf Beach Resort- has the only golf school on the island
  • Negril Hills Golf Course- Newest course on the island and is beautifully nested in the hills


The best shopping to be found would be in the Montego Bay and Ocho Rios areas. US citizens have a duty- free allowance of $600. Favorite items to bring home among tourist include Blue Mountain Coffee, Rum, Tia Maria (liquer), and silk screened t-shirts, batik fabrics, cigars, pick-a-peppa sauce, scotch bonnet pepper sauce and Jamaican jams, chutneys and jerk seasoning. Just an idea, items listed above can make great welcome baskets for wedding party and or special guest.

Cuisine of Jamaica


The term 'jerking' was developed in Jamaica whereby different meats/fish were highly seasoned and cooked on an open fire.

Jerk chicken, pork, or fish is said to be at its best when smoked over aromatic wood charcoal or briquettes. The wood ("pimento wood"), berries, and leaves of the allspice plant among the coals contribute to jerk's distinctive flavor. The result is addictive, as you will find yourself drawn to this style of cooking.

Other popular Jamaican dishes include curry goat, fried dumplings, ackee and salt fish (cod - the national dish of Jamaica), fried plantain, steamed cabbage and "rice and peas" (pigeon peas or kidney beans). Jamaican Cuisine has been adapted by African, British, French, Chinese and Indian influences. Jamaican patties and various pastries and breads are also popular as well as fruit beverages and Jamaican rum.

Like all other destinations that cater to the tourism market, Jamaica offers a full array of the dining experience. From the very high-end to the fast food.

Marriage Requirements for Jamaica


Visitors can be married just 24 hour after arriving in Jamaica providing prior application has been made for a marriage license.

The cost of a license is four thousand Jamaican dollars (approximately US$75-US$80).

To Apply for Your Marriage License Call or Visit
The Ministry of National Security
Mutual Life Building
2 Oxford Road, Kingston 5.
(876) 906-4908
Office Hours: Monday to Thursday 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Friday from 9:00 A.M to 4:00 P.M.

Unlike many countries, Jamaica does not expect you take a blood test before getting married. However, the following documentation is required:

  • Proof of citizenship - certified copy of birth certificate, which includes father's name.
  • Parent's written consent if under 18 years of age.
  • Proof of divorce if applicable (original certificate of divorce).
  • Certified copy of death certificate for widow or widower.
  • Italian nationals celebrating their wedding in Jamaica must notify their embassy and a certified copy of their marriage certificate forwarded to their embassy to be legalized and translated.
  • French Canadians need a notarized translated copy of all documents and a photocopy of the original French documents.
  • There are non-denominational Marriage Officers who can officiate either at their offices, in their homes or at a place chosen by the couple, and are able to provide witnesses. Marriage Officers charge anywhere from US$50 - US$250.

Featured Hotels in Jamaica


Altamont Court Hotel

Address: 1-5 Altamont Terrace, New Kingston
City: Kingston
Phone: (876) 929-4497
Fax: (876) 929-2118

Arizon Inn

Address: Port Henderson, St Catherine City: Kingston
Phone: (876) 998-4666 / (876) 998-4667
Fax: (876) 998-4668

Bar-B-Barn Hotel Restaurants

Address: Negril
Phone: (1-876) 957-9619
Fax: (1-876) 957-4619

Bel Air Plantation Villa Resort

Address: Norman Manley Blvd Mailing Address: P.O. Box 98
City: Negril
Phone: (876) 957-4170
Fax: (876) 957-4097

Bridgehouse Inn

Address: 14 Crane Rd, Black River
City: Kingston
Phone: (876) 965-2361 / (876) 953-2743 Fax: (876) 965-2081

Casa Blanca Hotel

Address: 2-4 Pory Henderson Rd, Portmore
City: Kingston
Phone: (876) 939-6999
Fax: (876) 998-7927