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Motto: “Ever Conscious of God We Aspire, Build and Advance as One People”
Language: French
Currency: Euro (€) (EUR)
Airports: Gustaf III Airport (SBH)
Known for: French cuisine, wine bars, shopping, exclusivity
Official Tourism Website: saintbarth-tourisme.com
Drives on the: Left Side
Calling Code: +1 590

The Charming Slice of Paradise

This charming slice of Paradise has become a popular playground for the rich and famous! Welcome to Saint-Barthélemy! Popularly known as St. Barts or St. Barths! A mere eight square miles, this French-speaking, Caribbean beauty is nothing short of perfection! Home to a collection of gourmet eateries, duty-free, designer boutiques, and stunning beaches, St. Barts is a luxurious destination awaiting you.

There is never an absence of luxury yachts sporting their wealthy or celebrity owners in the capital town of Gustavia. The elite love and frequent St. Barts because of its exclusivity – it is not uncommon seeing other celebrities and famous faces. No one gets star-struck, no one gets harassed, mutual respect and distance is the norm for the birds of a feather who land on this exclusive destination. Beaches are never crowded, even during the peak of the tourist season.

St. Barts is a luxury destination with no high-rise properties, but rather a collection of boutique hotels offering superior and luxury accommodations at prices affordable to their elite clientele.

While some visitors may choose to relax on their luxury yachts, others can unwind on one of the many unspoiled beaches, sipping a glass of wine or enjoying a local cocktail.

There are island activities in which to indulge – diving, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, hiking, touring the island or visiting the museum and monuments and learning about its Swedish and French heritage. And of course, there’s always shopping! St. Barts is a duty-free port catering to its sophisticated visitors with lots of high-end shops and boutiques including Cartier, Hermes, Chopard, Louis Vuitton, Tod’s, Bulgari, and Psyched.

Branded by many as the culinary capital of the Caribbean, St. Barts has some of the best restaurants in the Caribbean, offering world-class dining to please their affluent clientele. Many restaurants try to replicate the best French cuisines using ingredients brought in regularly from Europe. Others use fresh lobsters and other seafood caught locally in the waters around the island, satisfying an array of culinary cravings.

Love and romance are always in the air on St. Barts, no wonder many choose to get married there. Expert wedding and event planners are available to make your dreams come true if you wish to say “I Do” on this diamond in Paradise.

Marriage Requirements for St. Barthelemy

Wedding ceremonies on St. Barts are usually just blessings following the couple’s ‘real’ marriage in their home country. The smaller quiet wedding at home is followed by a larger more extravagant event with family and friends in St. Barts.

Under French law, the only place on St. Barts where one can get married is in the mayor’s Office and the residency requirements for doing so is rather severe.

For spiritual, religious weddings and renewal of vows on St Barts the following protocol is generally followed.

Roman Catholic Church require each party to provide a Letter of Good Conduct (including certification of “single status”). If the couple is Roman Catholic and want to invite their minister to participate in their wedding on St Barts, they need to seek permission from local Catholic and have their Priest contact him.

The Anglican/Episcopalian Church also require a Letter of Good Conduct and if the couple want to bring a minister to St. Barts to be a part of their wedding, they should have their priest call the local priest to request permission.

Requirements for a Legal Wedding on St Barts

  • Birth certificate (or copy with raised seal).
  • Letter of Good Conduct (including certification of “single status”).
  • Residency Card (one of the couple must have resided on the island at least one month).
  • Medical Certificate (including blood test) issued within 3 months prior to marriage.
  • Certified French translation of English documents.
  • A “Bulletin de Marriage” is delivered at ceremony. No fee is involved.

It is recommended that a local Wedding or Event Planner be hired to assist with making all the arrangements for your perfect wedding.

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