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Motto: "Après Bondie, C’est La Ter"
Language: English
Currency: East Caribbean dollar (XCD)
Airports: Cane Field (DCF), Melville Hall Airport (DOM)
Known for: Natural beauty, rainforests, agriculture
Official Tourism Website:
Drives on the: Left Side
Calling Code: +1 767

What do you call an island that’s 26 million years old? A baby, and thus, Dominica’s Beauty. The youngest island in the Caribbean, erosion has yet to dull the sharpness of her terrain. Beautiful, dramatic angles are everywhere. Energetic rivers run vigorously. Dynamic forests remain untouched.

When you first ride through the countryside, the uncompromising beauty of the island-rolling hills, secluded coastlines, virgin woods-will make you feel as if you’re at the end of the world.  Dominica is without doubt, “The Nature Island of the Caribbean”. So come and explore or simply bask in nature’s simple pleasures.

Dominica is truly a nature lover’s paradise. The indigenous plants and flowers, the lakes, waterfalls, you could never tire of being in Dominica. The people are the friendliest you will ever find, and will go out of their way to make sure your request or wishes are taken care of.

Things To Do in Dominica


Hiking & Adventure: See many of the geographical wonders the island of Dominica has to offer by foot. There are numerous amounts of trails for all different levels of fitness. Below list the main and generally the favorite trails to take.

Trafalgar Falls: in the Roseau Valley. Just a 10 minute walk each way, you are minutes from seeing two romantic waterfalls cascading side by side.

Titou Gorge: in the Roseau Valley. More of a swim from the base of the waterfall through a series ponds formed by the interlaced trees & the cooled lava. It’s a short swim with magnificent light …and did I mention there is a hot spring?

Emerald Pool: Off Roseau-Castle Bruce road. Only a one kilometer trail leading you to a forty foot waterfall and a crystal clear pool. On the trail back prepare to be awe struck by the views.

For those who are looking for a little more of an excursion, intermediate hikes I highly recommend include:

Victoria Falls: South East coast. The Victoria Fall is fed by Boiling Lake, which will take your breath away with it’s awesome white color. This hike can also be combined with Sari-Sari Falls If your craving more. Be prepared for climbing over boulders.

Syndicate Portsmouth: Morne Diablotin National Park. The trail follows the Picard River and travels through the rainforest, where you may see the rare Imperial and Jaco parrots. Out of the rainforest you’ll be taken past the plantations and end on the main road at the entrance to Portsmouth.

Middleham Falls: Just outside of Laudat. This hike lead you to the heart of the rainforest. The fall itself is a striking 200 ft drop. Great place to take a chilly and refreshing dip, or shall I suggest… dive!

Other hikes just as notable but more difficult:

  • Chemin Letang
  • Sari-Sari Falls
  • Boiling Lake

Want to do less walking but still have an adventure? These next items will guarantee just that.

  • Ride through the rainforest canopy on the aerial tram and across a suspension bridge.
  • Rent a bike! And experience the trails that way
  • Wonder the Island by Horseback or ATV
  • Between the months of March and October take a trip down to Rosalie Beach late at night to see the turtle take part in a different type of destination wedding!

Water Sports

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling: Scuba divers or those interested in Scuba diving should explore at least 1 of the 25 diving sites.

Once you hit the water you’ll be taken to a pristine marine habitat, where seahorses, frogfish and other rare creatures thrive.

*An absolute must do–Snorkel through the warm sea vents, it will feel as though you are swimming through a giant glass of champagne.

Whale Watching: Probably one of the easiest things to do on the island other then relax is to go whale watching. Hop on a boat and you are almost guaranteed to see at least a sperm whale.

Dominica also provides an ideal place for Kayaking and rubber tubing on the Layou River, the longest river in Dominica.

Cuisine of Dominica


My first time to Dominica was truly a gastronomic experience. I went for the local products called ground provisions. I thought I had just gone to heaven.

Of course, like other destinations Dominica offers an international cuisine. On the health side, there is ‘bush’ tea and other products to nurture and replenish the body.

For a quick bite be sure to stop at any of the many hash houses where I recommend you try Rotis or a meat pie. Environment is very casual and tipping is at your discretion.

Marriage Requirements for Dominica


Government Regulations:

  • At least one member of the party must be in Dominica for a minimum of two (2) days prior to the ceremony. A passport must be produced for inspection.
  • Birth Certificates are required. Not Baptismal.
  • Completed application form “G” must be signed by both parties and witnessed by a magistrate.
  • Each party before a Commissioner of Oaths must sign a completed declaration form. $5.00 postage stamp must be affixed to each form and marital status form.
  • If married before, decree of divorce or death certificate of former spouse must be produced.
  • A license fee of $300.00 must be paid on submission of above-listed documents.
  • Prospective spouses are advised to seek the advice of suitable counselors.
  • Application form is obtainable from:

Ministry of Community Development & Women Affairs
Government Headquarter
Tel. (767) 448-2401

The form must be returned to the same Ministry duly signed, witnessed and accompanied by the requested proof of identity and marital status. After processing the application a marriage license is issued by the Ministry of Community Development.
This license must be presented to the Registrar at the time of the marriage ceremony.


  • Cost of Marriage License EC$300.00 to be paid to the Ministry of Community Development.
  • Marriages with the Registrar’s Office – EC $30.00
  • Marriages celebrated outside the Registrar’s Offices will cost EC $100.00 plus a reasonable transportation fee.
  • Lawyers fee for statuary declaration on marital status (inclusive of Affidavit) – EC $500.00

Church Weddings

Roman Catholic:

  • Must fulfill Government’s requirements.
  • Must have documentation from respective Parish Priest indicating that appropriate preparation courses have been followed.
  • Must visit the Parish Priest in Dominica who may offer counseling.
  • Cost of church wedding – EC $150.00


  • Must seek permission from the Government.
  • Must publish bans and purchase marriage license.
  • Must attend counseling sessions, normally three sessions. Duration 1⁄2 to 1 hour long. Can be done while application license is being processed.

*Rates are subject to change without notice

Featured Hotels in Dominica


Ambassador Hotel Ltd

Address: Canefield, Roseau
Mailing Address: P.O Box 2413
Phone: (767) 449-2155
Fax: (767) 449-2304

Anchorage Hotel & Dive Center

Address: Castle Comfort, Roseau
Mailing Address: P.O Box 34
Phone: (767) 448-2638
Fax: (767) 448-5680

Barnard Amelia

Address: Petit Coulibrie, Roseau
Mailing Address: P.O Box 331
Phone: (767) 446-3150
Fax: (767) 446-3151

Beau Rive

Address: Castle Bruce
Phone: (767) 445-8992
Fax: (767) 445-8992

Best Caribbean Hotel

Address: Morne Daniel
Phone: (767) 449-3560

Castaways Beach Hotel

Address: Castaways, Roseau
Mailing Address: P.O Box 5
Phone: (767) 449-6245
Fax: (767) 449-6246