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You’ve done it! Congratulations! You have popped the question, and the answer is a resounding ‘yes’. Now the preparation begins.

Hopefully you will have an active role in creating a memorable experience, but do not sweat the small stuff as your intended and parents will probably take the leading role in wedding planning.

If you are planning a Caribbean destination wedding, you do have over thirty three countries to choose from, each one offering something unique. Yes, thirty three!! That means you will choose a destination that you have not visited with a previous partner before. Now this is very important, as if you break this cardinal rule you will have to spend more on the wedding or engagement rings… [More]

The Fashionable Groom

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Tux - Photo: New York Times

10 Tips for Wearing a Tuxedo

1- Shoulder fit is crucial, said Tom Kalenderian, the guru of men’s wear at Barneys New York. It’s worth sacrificing a little mobility for a snug, high armhole. No one is making free throws in a tuxedo.

2- A four-in-hand tie, a favorite style default in Hollywood, is a solecism and “just wrong,” Tom Ford said. Put on a bow tie and by all means learn to knot your own. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube.

3- Take an honest measure of your ambien generic teva neck. Nobody looks good in a horse harness or a noose… [More]


Creating the right atmosphere for your wedding celebration is a must: after all it is about memories that should last a lifetime.

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The Gray Legend by Calvin Klein is a superior fit, framed-edge look that can be a great alternative look for destination weddings. As the popularity of destination weddings continues to grow, special looks designed to keep up with the changes are evolving and the people a Calvin Klein Formal Wear are fully aware of what’s needed.

“We are seeing a dramatic increase in the use of gray and are particularly impressed by the appeal of Calvin Klein products,” says Jennifer Galletta of Galletta and other formal wear specialists say the allure and magic of the Calvin Klein name are part of the reason for being market leaders in their area… [more]

Wedding Reminders

Creating the right atmosphere for your wedding celebration is a must: after all it is about memories that should last a lifetime.

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Men’s Shoes

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Financial Planning

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Men’s Island Fashion

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Groom’s Corner