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You have contacted your Caribbean wedding destination, planned all the elements and now choosing the menu, and of course you are working with a Wedding Planner. What fun! Now you will want to incorporate the local cuisine to impress your guests.

Having a Caribbean wedding or Caribbean honeymoon is more than Sun, Sand and Water. The local food and customs can be included to provide a new experience, thereby giving your special day that memorable edge.

Caribbean cuisine is a rich mixture of African, French, Spanish, Dutch and English There are customs and ‘must have’ foods that is a part of the local tradition when getting married. Most of the food tends to be on the spicy side, so do make sure you explain dietary habits to your Caribbean Wedding Planner. Spices is a fundamental basic in cooking to enhance taste of European dishes brought to the Islands.

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There is nothing like a table of cracked conch or conch served in its many forms (so far Bahamas has the best). An array of seafood or for the serious carnivore mini lamb chops on the grill. When it comes to local food, each island has its own specialty.

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Main Course

You simply cannot have a main course without the traditional rice and peas. (This is white rice and red beans cooked in coconut milk with special seasoning): truly mouthwatering.

Of course you have the choices of fish, meats or chicken. You may also want to include some of the famous Jamaican Jerk cooking. ‘Jerk’ was developed by the runaway slaves during the British occupation. It is a simple way of cooking meats heavily spiced over a slow open fire.

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Trinidad & Tobago is known for its curry and you must visit Puerto Rico and try some of the local food. The best hotel for local food in Puerto Rico is the Caribe Hilton and the restaurant that is a must on my list is Ajili Mojili in San Juan.

Of course Jamaica has the Sugar Mill, best local food, wonderful atmosphere and pleasant service. The hotels on this island serve a wonderful array of local dishes and you simply cannot top the Half Moon Hotel & Resort for their local display of a traditional Jamaican breakfast of Ackee and Saltfish.

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Seafood & Meats