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Motto: "The Friendly Island"
Language: French
Currency: Euro (€) (EUR)
Airports: Princess Juliana International Airport (PJIA), St Martin Esperance Airport (SFG)
Known for: Butterfly farm, French sophistication, white-sand beaches
Official Tourism Website:
Drives on the: Right Side
Calling Code: +1 590

St Martin is 21 square miles (54 sq km) of French territory with a strikingly French way of life. The currency, language, goods in the shops, escargot and frog legs in the restaurants and the pastries and breads in the bakeries, cars, fashions and the sheer style – it’s all unashamedly French, with the added Caribbean attraction of superb beaches on which to spend the hot, sunny days.

Please note that both St.Maarten & St. Martin exists on one small island. The Dutch half the island and the French the other half. The Frech side is widely known as the more formal side of the island. You can rent a car and drive the entire island both Dutch/French without any problems.

Things To Do in St. Martin


Fort Lois: built in 1789 it is the main historical building with a wonderful view overlooking the capital.

Paradise Pic: the highest point of the island 1,400ft

“On the Trail of the Arawaks” Museum: is a historical & cultural patrimony of the island.

Loterie Farms Ecocenter: the islands only private nature reserve

The Butterfly Farm: where you can walk amongst rare & exotic butterflies.

Colombier: a passage way to “old St Martin”

“The Old House” Museum: located on an ancient eighteenth century sugar plantation you’ll discover what life was like on a sugar plantation and the adventures of Rhum.

Orient Beach: where clothing is an option and the premier location for windsurfing, jet skiing and even parascending!

Shopping: Along the Harbor in Marigot you will find tons on wonderful boutiques filled with duty- free jewels and other high fashion merchandise. Return here for Market Day when the vendors fill the lots with everything you could possibly imagine, a hagglers dream! Also visit the Marina Port Royale. It’s an amazing shopping complex, including French & Italian designers shops.

Cuisine of St. Martin


In the village of Grande Case fine eateries are awaiting your arrival. Amongst the “culinary palaces” you will find your “lolos”, your standard beach shack where you can feast on local cuisine for around $10. Visit the lowland area called Sandy Ground to Marigot and Nettle, the restaurants are spectacular.

Marriage Requirements for St. Martin


The marriage of foreigners on the territory of Saint-Martin is now regulated by article 58 of the law n°2009-594 for the development of the Overseas Departments and Territories of May 17, 2009 as well as the regulations of the Civil Codes relative to the “act of marriage” articles 63 to 76 and those relative to the qualities and conditions required in order to enter into a marriage “articles 144 to 164”.


The two future spouses must be of foreign nationality and not be residents of the national territory (the Republic of France)
The two future spouses must be at least 18 years of age and meet the fundamental requirements in terms of marriage on the issues of free consent and the prohibition of marriage between certain persons (see the civil codes).

No prenuptial agreement is required.

An application file must be submitted to the President of the Territorial Council at least one month before the publication of the bans
The future spouses must be accompanied by two witnesses of their choice
The bans must be published in paper format at the Hotel de la Collectivité over a 10 day period preceding the day of the marriage ceremony
The marriage can be publicly celebrated by the Officer of the Civil Registry after the 10 day waiting period has expired
The presence of a certified translator/interpreter

The marriage ceremony, the certificate of marriage and the certified copies are free. Only the translator/interpreter is at the charge of the future spouses.

Application File

Must include:

A letter that has been signed and dated by the future spouses and addressed to the President of the Territorial Council requesting that he apply article 58 of the Law n° 2009-594 of May 27, 2009 on a specific date, which should be indicated in the letter.
A complete, unabridged copy of a birth certificate, that is dated no more than six months previous to the date of submission, must be provided by each of the future spouses. The birth certificate which is delivered by a foreign authority must be translated in conformity with the applicable regulation of the country of origin.
Proof of the identity of each of the future spouses by means of a valid passport and, if necessary, by a visa (or the request for a visa) when it is required for the person to stay on the territory of the Collectivité of Saint-Martin.
The surname, names, date and place of birth of the father and mother of the future spouses.
The surname, names, date and place of birth of the witnesses, as well as their addresses and professions.

The Officer of the Civil registry, “can request” of the diplomatic authorities or the Consulate that is territorially competent to proceed with an interview of the future spouses, as is provided for in article 63 of the Civil Codes. By the authority of the competent diplomatic authority or Consulate that is territorially competent, it should be understood, the French Embassy or French Consulate of the country or territory of origin of the future spouses.

Featured Hotels in St. Martin


Alamanda Resort

Address: Main Street Hillsborough, Carriacou
Phone: (473) 443-7317
Fax: (473) 443-8435

Captain Oliver's

Address: Oyster Pond
Phone: (+590)  590 87 40 26
Fax: (+590) 590 87 40 84


Address: Oyster Pond
Phone: (590) 590 87 42 52
Fax: (590) 590 87 39 85

Esmeralda Resort

Address: Orient Bay
Phone: (590)  590 87 36 36
Fax: (590) 590 87 35 18

Grand Case Beach Club

Address: Grand Case
Phone: (590) 590 87 51 87
Fax: (590) 590 87 59 93

La Plantation

Address: Orient Bay
Phone: (590)  590 29 58 00
Fax: (590) 590 29 58 08

St. Martin