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Motto: "Unified by freedom"
Language: Dutch, Papiamento, English
Currency: Netherlands Antillean guilder (ANG)
Airports: Hato International Airport or Curaçao International Airport (CUR)
Known for: Scuba diving, snorkeling, Hato caves
Official Tourism Website:
Drives on the: Right Side
Calling Code: +1 599

Curacao – the very name conjures up a mosaic of cultures and you are so very right. Curacao’s inhabitants are influenced by the heritage of Arawaks, Dutch, Spanish, West Indian, Latin and African. With such a diversity of culture, you can well imagine the dining experience and the cultural charm of such a fabulous island.

With this diversity you have a rich history of: Jewish Culture, European Flavor and African Heritage. The local language is called Papiamentu and is a mixture of Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch and African dialects. Of course English is understood and spoken, so you will be right at home.

Things To Do in Curacao


Entertainment and Nightlife: Exotic days, eccentric nights: What’s your fancy? Dancing, Jazz, Island Music, Tropical libations, or maybe Karaoke. You will find this and more in Curacao. For a complete list of entertainment, be sure to pick up a K-Pasa Entertainment Guide.

Shopping: Curaçao has been a major trade center for hundreds of years so it’s not surprising that stores are stocked with quality items from around the world. Strolling around in exquisite, centuries-old buildings while ocean liners cruise up the channel that cuts through the city, so close you could almost touch them, all this makes the shopping ambience very special.

Cuisine of Curacao


Local food is called Krioyo (pronounced the same as criollo, the Spanish word for "Creole") and boasts a blend of flavours and techniques best compared to Caribbean cuisine and Latin American cuisine. Dishes common in Curaçao are found in Aruba and Bonaire as well.

Popular dishes include: stobá (a stew made with various ingredients such as papaya, beef or goat), Guiambo (soup made from okra and seafood), funchi (cornmeal paste similar to fufu, ugali and polenta) and a lot of fish and other seafood. The ubiquitous side dish is fried plantain. Local bread rolls are made according to a Portuguese recipe.

All around the island, there are snèk which serve local dishes as well as alcoholic drinks in a manner akin to the English public house.

The ubiquitous breakfast dish is pastechi: fried pastry with fillings of cheese, tuna, ham, or ground meat.

At weddings and other special occasions a variety of kos dushi are served: kokada (coconut sweets), ko'i lechi (condensed milk and sugar sweet) and tentalaria (peanut sweets).

The Curaçao liqueur was developed here, when a local experimented with the rinds of the local citrus fruit known as laraha.

Surinamese, Chinese, Indonesian, Indian and Dutch culinary influences also abound. The island also has many Chinese restaurants that serve mainly Indonesian dishes such as satay, nasi goreng and lumpia (which are all Indonesian names for the dishes). Dutch specialties such as croquettes and oliebollen are widely served in homes and restaurants.

Marriage Requirements for Curacao

You will need:

  • A valid passport and birth certificates for both parties
  • Return Ticket
  • Proof of marriage or death certificate if applicable
  • Written request two months prior to the wedding date
  • A three day residency is required
  • The total cost is US $176.00

Featured Hotels in Curacao


Avila Beach Hotel

Address: Penstraat 130-134
Phone: (599-9) 461-4377
Fax: (599-9) 461-1493

Bon Bini Seaside Resort

Address: Bapor Kibra
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 4100
Phone: (599-9) 461-8000
Fax: (599-9) 461-7500

Clarion Hotel & Suites Curacao

Address: Piscaderabaai z/n
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 6005
Phone: (599-9) 433-6666
Fax: (599-9) 433-6602

Curacao Airport Hotel / Howard Johnson Inn

Address: F.D. Rooseveltweg 524
Phone: (599-9) 868-8044
Fax: (599-9) 868-8114

Curacao Marriott Beach Resort & Emerald Casino

Address: J. F. Kennedy Boulevard
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 6003
Phone: (599-9) 736-8800
Fax: (599-9) 462-7502

Dolphin Suites Curacao

Address: Seaquarium, Bapor Kibra z/n
Phone: (599-9) 465-2700
Fax: (599-9) 465-2701