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The Caribbean's Wedding, Honeymoon & Romance Ultimate Guide 2024More

Wedding Cakes

From Rum Cake to Black Cake, a Caribbean Wedding Cake is a mouth watering delight that will take center stage at your reception.

Tradition would dictate that the cake is a minimum of three tiers – the bottom one is cut by the bride & Groom and then shared with the guests... [more]

Fruits & Vegetables

The Caribbean, otherwise known as ‘Nature’s Paradise, is blessed not only with great beaches and fabulous weather, but also an abundance of fresh fruits.

From coconut water, soursop, mangoes to name a few and the healthiest of vegetables that you can incorporate in any meal and at anytime, you will definitely not lack for anything... [more]

Health Food

I cannot imagine another region on planet earth that can offer such an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables.

You can eat ‘local’ and there you will find some of the healthiest meals – as in some destinations you have a sect of people that eat nothing but fruits and vegetable. No meats... [more]

Seafood & Meats

You have contacted your Caribbean wedding destination, planned all the elements and now choosing the menu, and of course you are working with a Wedding Planner.

What fun! Now you will want to incorporate the local cuisine to impress your guests... [more]


What would the Caribbean do without spices? Jamaica is internationally known for its ‘jerk’ meats/foods. Meats are properly seasoned with select spices (pepper, onions, etc.) and the result is a finger licking delicacy.

Grenada, known as the ‘Isle of Spice’ will create or provide a lesson in gastronomic dining, uses spices that can only be had in that region... [more]


The bounty of fruits in the Caribbean gives rise to whatever concoction the mind can conceive. Have the bartender create your signature Caribbean wedding drink to be served to everyone.

As a matter of fact, make your signature drink the centerpiece of the cocktail hour. Arrange for the hotel to present you with the recipe and the date of your wedding in a photo frame for display in your new home... [more]


The offerings are numerous and truly appetizing. Work with the Wedding Planner to have a table of varied desserts using local products.

I can assure you that you will be pleased with the delicacies that can be had in the Caribbean. From the traditional ‘black cake’ (it is not black, but the crushed spices give it a very rich color) to puddings using everything you can think of: rice, cassava, yam, bananas... and they are all good... [more]