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Motto: "Whither the Fates Carry"
Language: English
Currency: Bermudian dollar (BMD)
Airports: Bermuda International (TXKF)
Known for: Pink sands, Moongate, Wreck diving
Official Tourism Website:
Drives on the: Left Side
Calling Code: +1 441

Walking down an aisle lined with hibiscus and oleander.  Stealing a kiss under a Moongate. A horse-drawn carriage ride through the old world streets of St. George’s.  Memories to have and to hold for a lifetime. Miles of secluded pink sand beaches.  Hidden coves. Lush tropical gardens.  Intimate rooms with a view. Romantic candlelight dinners.  European charm. Splendid sunsets.  Moonlit strolls. No wonder they call Bermuda the island made for two.

Bermuda is really not in the Caribbean, but its people and cuisine is truly Caribbean. The warmth and beauty of Bermuda only adds to its pink sands (yes, the sand is pink) Bermuda is truly about Romance. And the Island does everything to foster this, including the Premiers annual Love Festival.

Framed by the beauty of nature, Bermuda is the perfect backdrop to your destination wedding, or honeymoon.Because of the close proximity of Bermuda to the United States (only an 1 ½ hours by plane) Bermuda’s weather tends to be a bit colder in the winter.Because of the density of the population, Bermuda restricts automobiles to one per household and tourists are not allowed to drive. You can however rent mopeds, take taxis or buses.

Things To Do in Bermuda


The Moongate at Palm Grove Garden South Road, Devonshire Parish: Legend has it that couples who kiss under this semi-circle archway of coral and stone blocks will be assured of good fortune and happiness. After you kiss, stroll through the grounds of this private estate where you will see a pond within which you will see a relief map of our island.

Gibbs Hill Lighthouse Lighthouse Road Southhampton Parish
: A favourite romantic spot, this cast-iron lighthouse soars 110M / 362FT above sea level. Climb to the top to enjoy the stunning view.

Diving: Bermuda is home to a beautiful coral reef and several sunken ships. Most notable is Hermes, a fully penetrable diving ship. You can even explore the crew quarters and engine room.

Bermuda Triangle Brewery: Learn how to brew a great beer at this brewery and then sample the product, what could be better?

Beaches: Enjoy Bermuda’s stunning beaches and soft pink sands. Here are a few recommended:

  • Chaplin and Stonehole Bays: In a secluded area east of Horseshoe Bay in South Shore Park, these tiny adjacent beaches almost disappear at high tide. Why not disappear with your loved one here? Off South Road, between Warwick and Southampton Parishes.
  • Church Bay: Beachcombers love to nestle within the wondrously deep pink sands. Off South Road, Southampton Parish.
  • Tobacco Bay: Located on St. George’s Island, this East End beach’s pale pink sand is sheltered within a coral-sided cove. Coot Pond Road, St. George’s Parish.
  • Whale Bone Bay: Its small size makes this beach ideal for a romantic stroll. This is also our only beach with black volcanic sand. Ferry Reach, St. George’s Parish.

Cuisine of Bermuda


The dining experience mirrors that of Bermuda’s attention to detail. For years, Bermuda wasn’t known for its cuisine; the food was too often bland and lacking in flavor. In recent years, however, there has been a notable change. Bermuda shares the revived interest in fine cuisine that has swept across America. Chefs seem better trained than ever, and many top-notch (albeit expensive) restaurants dot the archipelago. Italian food is in vogue, as is Chinese. (On the other side of the coin, fast food, including KFC, has arrived, too.)

In recent years, some Bermudians have shown an elevated interest in their heritage. They’ve revived many of the traditional dishes and published the recipes in books devoted to Bermudian cooking (not a bad idea for a souvenir).

Bermuda imports most of its food from the United States. As the population grows, less and less farmland is available on the island. But lots of people still tend their own gardens.

Seafood: Any local fisherman will be happy to tell you that more species of shore and ocean fish — including grunt, angelfish, yellowtail, gray snapper, and the ubiquitous rockfish — are found off Bermuda’s coastline than in any other place.

Rockfish: which is similar to Bahamian grouper, appears on nearly every menu. From the ocean, it weighs anywhere from 15 to 135 pounds (or even more). Steamed, broiled, baked, fried, or grilled, rockfish is a challenge for innovation to any chef. There’s even a dish known as “rockfish maw,” which we understand only the most old-fashioned cooks (there are still a handful on St. David’s Island) know how to prepare. It’s the maw, or stomach, of a rockfish, stuffed with a dressing of forcemeat (seasoned chopped fish) and simmered slowly on the stove. If you view dining as an adventure, you may want to try it.

Bermuda Fish Chowder: One of the most popular dishes on the island. It’s usually made with a variety of white fish (often rockfish). Waiters usually pass around a bottle of sherry peppers and some black rum, which you add to your soup; these lend a distinctive Bermudian flavor.

Mussels: are cherished in Bermuda; one of the most popular traditional dishes is Bermuda-style mussel pie, with a filling of papaya, onions, potatoes, bacon, curry powder, lemon juice, thyme, and, of course, steamed mussels. Mmm.

Dark and Stormy: This preferred Bermudan cocktail is made with black rum and spicy ginger beer.

Marriage Requirements for Bermuda


Getting married in Bermuda is quite simple, really.  Request a “Notice of Intended Marriage” form must be filed along with a cashier’s check or bank draft made payable to the Accountant General in the amount of $210.00 US dollars (plus $21.00 for the certificate).

Your license will be valid for three months and can be picked up at the Registrar’s office by you or a designated person.

Featured Hotels in Bermuda


9 Beaches

Box MA 238 Sandys, MA BX
Toll Free: (866) 841-9009
Phone: (441) 239-2999

The Reefs

56 South Shore Road Southampton SN 02 Bermuda
Toll Free: (800) 742-2008
Phone: (441) 238-0222

Cambridge Beaches

Address: 30 Kings Point Road Somerset MA 02
Phone: (441) 234-0331
Fax: (441) 234-3352

Fairmount Southampton Princess Resort

Address: South Shore Road Southampton SN 02
Phone: (441) 238-8000

Fordham Hall

Address: 53 Pitts Bay Road, Pembroke
Phone: (441) 295-1551
Fax: (441) 295-3906

Horizons Limited

Address: 33 South Shore Road
Paget PG 04
Phone: (441) 236-0048
Fax: (441) 236-1981