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From Rum Cake to Black Cake, a Caribbean Wedding Cake is a mouth watering delight that will take center stage at your reception.

Tradition would dictate that the cake is a minimum of three tiers – the bottom one is cut by the bride & Groom and then shared with the guests. The top tier cake would be put in the freezer to celebrate and share on your first anniversary.

From the Second tier cake… a sliver… and I mean a sliver of the cake should be put under the pillow of the bride and groom that same night to guarantee conception. Now the reason for the ‘sliver’ of cake is that the bigger the slice the more children you will have. So unless you want a large family, stick to a sliver.

What makes this cake so different and special? Well to begin with once a wedding date has been set the family or the cake baker would go into preparation mode. All the dried fruits will be put in a large bowl/vat or container of wine and rum to ‘soak’ for at least six months. At the end of this period when it is baking time, the fruits will literally melt into the alcohol so when the other ingredients are mixed in and the cake is done – there will be no tasting of any particular fruit. This is very much unlike the American Fruit Cake which has no bearing, resemblance or taste to a Caribbean Wedding Cake.

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The Caribbean Wedding Cake is then covered in ‘English Icing’ not a frosting. The English Icing is firmer, sweeter with more body and so easy to decorate.

You are in the Caribbean, you are there for a memorable event – your wedding. Enjoy the bounty, beauty and elegance of the destination. Utilize local products or incorporate what you can in this your Caribbean Wedding.

Throughout the islands, the traditional ‚ÄėBlack Cake‚Äô is a must have for your Caribbean wedding. This is derived from the English Plum Pudding: a rich mixture of blended fruits soaked in wine/rum and baked. End result a rich, moist dark brown cake and this is generally topped with English icing. (Royal icing) This icing holds up well in the Caribbean and is heavily decorated as per the choice of the bride/groom. Unlike an American fruit cake, the fruits blend into the Caribbean wedding black cake. Your Wedding Planner will know the best wedding cake baker on the island of your choice.

One Wedding Planner who makes absolutely delicious cakes is Dreamy Weddings of St. Kitts & Nevis.

It is said that if you put a piece of wedding cake under your pillow, you are guaranteed to be exceptionally fertile. Please be careful and only use a small sliver, unless of course you want a large family.
The first tier (top cake) is usually put aside and frozen to be eaten at the first anniversary celebration.

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