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Motto: "Ever Conscious of God We Aspire, Build and Advance as One People"
Tourism Tagline: "Grenada: The Spice of the Caribbean"
Language: English and Patois
Currency: East Caribbean dollar (XCD)
Airports: Maurice Bishop International Airport (GND)
Known for: Spices, nutmeg, chocolate, music
Official Tourism Website:
Drives on the: Left Side
Calling Code: +1 473

The Island of Spice

The Spice Island of the Caribbean, Grenada glows with unspoiled beauty. With white sandy beaches, breathtaking waterfalls, and lush tropical rainforest, Grenada is a rich part of Paradise. The tri-island nation includes Carriacou and Petite Martinique to the north.

Mainland Grenada with its sheltered, picturesque harbor, is home of the capital city St. George’s. Carriacou (Karry-a-cou) lies about 18 miles north of Grenada. The 13-square-mile island enjoys a laidback lifestyle and with its clear waters, pristine coral reefs and magical drifts, is known for excellent diving and snorkeling.

Petite Martinique, or PM as it is affectionately known by locals, is less than six hundred acres and as one writer describes it, "only a smile wide." This gem of an island certainly lives up to its brochure invitation: "Forget all your troubles and escape to the paradise island of Petite Martinique." PM is not for those seeking adventure and excitement but if you’re looking to get far away from the hustle and bustle of life, PM is your home away from home.

These gems produce an abundance of aromatic spices including nutmeg, mace, cinnamon, saffron, turmeric, curry, cloves, ginger, allspice, tonga bean, vanilla bean, and bay leaves.

There are also unforgettable dive sites including the Caribbean’s largest wreck and the World’s First Underwater Sculpture Park, historic forts, extinct volcano with a natural water filled lake, organic chocolate factories and rum distilleries.

The Grenadian people are warm and welcoming. Their culture, influenced by the traditions left behind by the South American Amerindians, the French, English, African and East Indians, is expressed through their music, dance, sports, as well as their natural love for welcoming, socializing, cooking, and celebrating.

Grenada appeals to the adventure enthusiast, the beach lovers, the foodies, the couple looking for a romantic getaway and those just looking to relax and rejuvenate. This destination offers the perfect fairy-tale setting for your wedding. White sandy beaches, including the famous Grand Anse Beach, turquoise waters, amazing sunsets, lush tropical spice gardens and to traditional big drum celebration... your wedding dreams await.

Marriage Requirements for Grenada

  • All legal requirements can be facilitated through the appropriate Government of Grenada ministries located in the Ministerial Complex, Botanical Gardens, St. George’s.
  • Just be here for a minimum of one day before applying for a Marriage License from the Office of the Prime Minister.
  • Fees to be paid to the Ministry of Finance, Treasury Department include:
  • EC $10 (US $3.70) along with EC $15 (US $5.55) Stamp Duty
  • EC $2 (US $0.75) Registration Fee Search
  • EC $5 (US $1.85) Stamp for placement on your Certified Marriage Certificate.
  • The process usually takes two days. If either party is divorced the process may take longer, as documents are perused by the Ministry of Legal Affairs.
  • Blood or other medical tests are not necessary to successfully plan your Spice Wedding.
  • Documents Required in English:

    • Valid Passports
    • Birth Certificates
    • Sworn Affidavit (or letter from a Clergy Man, Lawyer or Registry), attesting that neither party has not been previously married
    • Decree Absolute, for each divorced party
    • If widowed, the deceased’s Death Certificate
    • Legal proof if a name was changed by Deed Poll
    • If under 21 years, written parental consent by way of an Affidavit from a Lawyer or Notary Public

    For more information the Grenada Tourism Authority has prepared a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about getting married in Grenada. Click here to read more.

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