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For a formal wedding, of course, you will want to bring a tuxedo, but remember you are in the Caribbean, and you might want to look at tuxedos that are light in color and less restrictive.

Also, remember that your bride is the star of the show and you will want to perhaps co-ordinate accessories/colors with her... [more]

Men's Shoes

Depending on the style of your wedding – formal to casual and in between I would like to remind you of the importance of wearing the appropriate or most comfortable shoes.

Whether it is a beach wedding or indoor, there is something for every occasion... [more]

Men's Island Fashion

Your decision to get married or honeymoon in the Caribbean is a great idea as you also have the opportunity to show off the great body that you have spent countless hours in the gym working on.

Of course you have access to all the sporting activities, parasailing, golf (not too much)... [more]

Men's Accessories

You are in the Caribbean where the price of memorable gifts (watches, gold accessories, colored stones) is available at great prices. Do make sure you put aside a small amount to surprise your partner with a memorable trinket.

You would be the envy of all her friends as it shows dedication and thoughtfulness on your part... [more]


Men’s Fashion