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The Caribbean's Wedding, Honeymoon & Romance Ultimate Guide 2024More

Bridal Gowns

What do I wear? Will it be appropriate? The answer is anything and everything.

From a formal gown to shorts on the beach, the decision is yours.

Traveling with your gown and accessories to the Caribbean is very common... [more]

Bridesmaid Dresses

You are heading to the Caribbean for that all important life stage event – your wedding.

Of course you should be the ‘belle of the ball’ and not to be outdone by anyone else. However, you may want to take into consideration the climate and time of the day when selecting your bridesmaid dresses... [more]

Mother of the Bride Dresses

The Mother of the Bride – a most important guest to share in the joys and celebration of her achievement: bringing you into this world and providing you the necessary tools for you to take this important step in your life.

You want her to look comfortable but elegant... [more]

Women's Shoes

You are in the Caribbean! Colors are everywhere, from the brilliant blue of the sky, the inviting warmth of the Caribbean Sea to the carpet of flowers throughout the island. Incorporate this into your attire.

Bring colorful footwear to complement and enhance your attire... [more]

Women's Island Fashion

Some destinations have wonderful designers who also cater to the wedding and honeymoon markets.

One such designer house in Puerto Rico is “Leonardo” and you can get a full array of anything your heart desire from one of his many stores... [more]

Accessories, Hair & Makeup

You do not have to bring the entire family jewels. You can use local products or bring an array of costume jewelry. As a reminder, do not pack anything expensive in your suitcase. Keep it with you at all times.

I prefer to wear mine and have no problem letting airport personnel... [more]


Women’s Fashion