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Motto: "One Happy Island"
Language: Dutch, Papiamento
Currency: Aruban Florin (AWG)
Airports: Reina Beatrix Intl. (TNCA)
Known for: Shopping, Nightlife, Watersports
Official Tourism Website:
Drives on the: Right Side
Calling Code: +1 297

Aruba has long, powder-white beaches – Palm Beach and Eagle Beach, 30 yards deep and miles long are considered two of the finest in the Caribbean. Modern hotels, high-rise and low-rise, offer every facility. For nightlife, there’s no shortage of cabarets, cocktail bars and restaurants serving local and world dishes. For gamblers, there are 11 casinos; some of them open day and night.

Aruba is one of the easiest islands to navigate. The people go out of their way to be friendly, that is why Aruba is known as the ‘Island that Happiness Lives’. Rent a car/open jeep and take off to see the island. The interior of the country is fascinating and the rock formation is interesting. Do not forget to visit the ‘natural bridge’

Unlike much of the Caribbean region, Aruba has a dry climate and an arid, cactus-strewn landscape. This climate has helped tourism as visitors to the island can reliably expect warm sunny weather.

Things To Do in Aruba


Wind Surfing: Aruba claims to have the best windsurfing in the Caribbean. Strong winds and consistenly sunny weather make this a fun activity.

Watersports: Scuba, sailing, kite boarding, parasailing and all other watersports are a major activity at the beachfront resorts.

Golf: Aruba also has a few stunning golf courses including Tierra del Sol designed by Robert Trent Jones II.

Nightlife: What sets Aruba apart is its very active nightlife offering a wide range of activities. Casinos, discos, night clubs, party cruises–Aruba has it all. Those staying in Greater Oranjestad can take a party bus and enjoy a guided introduction to Aruba’s nightlife.

Cuisine of Aruba


Restaurants: this is an island blessed with an abundance of places to eat. From the very upscale, to the local jitney selling food at midnight. There is something to please everyone. Because of the Dutch influence, the cuisine is very international. As with all Caribbean Islands the more upscale restaurants have a wonderful air of relaxed formality. I cannot remember ever having a bad meal in Aruba.

There is nothing like enjoying a relaxed day at the beach and then heading into town to sit at one of the great outdoor cafes/restaurant to watch the sunset.

Marriage Requirements for Aruba


Rules & Regulations

Civil weddings became legal for non-Aruban Residents as of January of 2002.  For those who want to have a legal wedding in Aruba, please submit the following documents by fax to us at least 4 weeks prior to your planned wedding date;

  1. Long form birth certificate with pertaining apostille for bride and groom
  2. Negative statement of marriage for bride and groom OR notarized affidavit stating   that the person in question is single and eligible to be wed
  3. Copy of passport picture page OR copy of a valid, state issued photo I.D. for bride and groom.
  4. Letter of intent for bride and groom
  5. Copy of valid state issued I.D. OR Copy of Passport picture page OR Copy of legible birth certificate for witnesses (minimum 2 and maximum 4 witnesses can sit in for each couple.  Witnesses have to be at least 18 years or older).  If you do not have witnesses we can provide 2 for you at a fee of $35.00 each.
  6. If applicable:  1st and last page of divorce decree(s) for bride and/or groom
  7. If applicable:  Copy of death certificate(s) if bride and/or groom are widowed

Once we receive these documents per fax we will deliver them to the registrar. We will inform you of his approval after which you will have to forward the originals to us by federal express or other overnight service.

Please do not use Express Service offered by the United States Postal Services as that is only express while going over US territory and becomes regular “snail mail” once it leaves US territory which can take up to 2 months to reach us!.

You do not have to forward the original passport or valid state issued photo I.D., but do include an additional copy of either in the package with the other originals.

After this legal ceremony the couple can opt to solemnize their wedding on the beach at sunset or at any other venue of their choice. Please take a look at the packages and options offered for this part of your special event.

Please feel free to contact us if you need assistance with any of the above!

Helpful civil ceremony explanations

  1. In Aruba, ALL legal/civil weddings have to take place within the confines of the civil town house, (a beautifully restored historic building), prior to solemnizing their union at their venue of choice.
  2.  The Civil Town House is open for weddings Monday through Friday from 10:00 am through 12:00 noon and from 2.30 pm to 4.00pm and on Saturdays from 10.30am through 12.30pm
  3. A long form birth certificate is a birth certificate that shows the city and state the person was born in as well as full names of parents including mother’s maiden name.
  4. An apostille is a one-page document that authenticates the long form birth certificate
  5. A negative statement of marriage is a document that proves that a person is single and eligible to be wed
  6. A Letter of intent will be forwarded to you once you confirm to us that you will be using our services for your legal wedding. Please make 2 hard copies. Bride fills one out with her information on the top and grooms information on the bottom and bride signs that one and groom fills one out with his information on the top and bride’s information on the bottom and groom signs it.
  7. Even if bride and/or groom have submitted divorce decree(s) and/or pertaining death certificate(s) they must also submit a negative statement of marriage which should be issued from the approximate date that the previous marriage was dissolved up to the date that the pertaining authorities have available.
  8. For U.S. Citizens: Long form birth certificates, apostilles and negative statement of marriage are obtained at the bureau of vital statistics located in the department of health.
  9. In the U.K.: Apostilles for the Birth Certificates are obtained at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  10. In Canada: Apostilles for the Birth Certificates are obtained either at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or at the Consulaat Generale in Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver.
  11. Proper attire is required at the civil town hall. No shorts, slippers, or cut-offs. Sun or cocktail dress for the ladies. Slacks and a buttoned up shirt for the men. Full wedding attire is also a possibility.

Featured Hotels in Aruba


Allegro Vacation Club

Address: J.E. Irausquin Blvd. 83
Phone: (297) 586-4500
Fax: (297) 586-3191

Aruba Beach Club

Address: L.G. Smith Boulevard 53
Phone: (297) 582-3000 / (297) 582-9044
Fax: (297) 582-6557

Aruba Beach Villas

Address: L.G. Smith Boulevard 462
Phone: (297) 582-2527

Aruba Blue Village Suites

Address: Cunucu Abao 37
Phone: (297) 587-8618
Fax: (297) 587-0081

Aruba Grand Hotel

Address: J.E. Irausquin Blvd. 79
Phone: (297) 586-3900
Fax: (297) 586-1941

Aruba Phoenix Resort

Address: J.E. Irausquin Boulevard 75
Phone: (297) 586-6066
Fax: (297) 586-1165