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For the Ladies!

Now that you are engaged and planning the ultimate wedding and honeymoon, you and your best friends will want to look into a relaxing break from this very hectic and emotionally charged time.

What better way than to take a mini (three to four day) bachelorette vacation. The offerings are many, and hotels are geared to accommodate and pamper you and your party.

Picture yourself and friends relaxing on a beachfront property while getting the ultimate spa treatment.

Later in the night, you and your party will be heading to the casinos or jumping to the pulsating Caribbean rhythm in a congo line. What fun and tension breaker!

The Caribbean with its diverse offerings and relatively close proximity to the United States is a great place to visit for this event. And you are not alone in this decision.

This event is becoming a must ‘do’ for a number of engaged couples.

This trend has also taken a hold of the men. They are hopping to the Caribbean for golf parties or casino and spa treatments.


The spa offerings are as diverse as you can imagine. The usual body care, but some are entering the holistic arena offering inner peace through Yoga and including local herbs and diet.

As an example, the HalfMoon Resort hotel in Montego Bay, Jamaica has one of the best and innovative spas. Whatever you can think of you will find it there, with one of the most knowledgeable, caring and hospitable staff. With over 400 acres you and your party will have time to relax and bond without the crowded mall feeling. Then you can go horseback riding or swim with the dolphins.

Do not forget the many offerings of the Sandals/Beaches chain of hotels. Something for everyone and a guarantee of a great time.

The Bahamas with its even closer proximity to the United States has over 800 Islands to choose from and offers everything from casino gambling to the ultimate in luxury pampering.


In arranging this much needed break, check with your local travel agent or hotel to secure package pricing for your group and also with the airline to reserve group rates.

I would recommend that you find a knowledgeable travel agent that knows the Caribbean and let them do the work. You will be amazed what they can do for you.

To save costs, request that each room include two beds.


There is nothing like shopping in the Caribbean. From the local products by the vendors on the beach to the famous jewelry shops, the prices in the Caribbean is usually 20 – 30% off what you would pay in the United States. And no Tax!

A great time to shop for those small gift items for your bridal party.

Remember you do need to travel with a valid Passport.


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