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St. Kitts by Brenda O’Neale

Brimstone hill

Several years ago I had the pleasure to be invited to visit the beautiful island of St. Kitts. I have fallen in love with the island and her people.


For guests seeking to get married away, this is an awesome location. St. Kitts can be reached with direct air service from Miami, Atlanta and Charlotte. Many cruise lines also serve the amazing Port Zante, which can handle the world’s largest cruise ships. Currently 4 ships can be in port at the same time, 2 at Port Zante and 2 at the deep water port. Work is soon beginning on additional docking at Port Zante.

There is no residency requirement in St. Kitts and guests can come off of the cruise ship, get their documents, get married, dance and be back to ship with time to spare. Stayover guests have the opportunity to be greeted by representatives from the Yu Lounge. How awesome is it to be met with a Porsche and signs with your name on it. You are whisked a few minutes away and enjoy beverages, snacks, internet and TV while the agents clear immigration and customs for you. No standing in line. Then your taxi takes you to your hotel or villa. On the return, you are the last ones to board, driven up to the plane in the Porsche with passengers onboard the flight trying to figure out what superstar is coming!


An island tour of St. Kitts is a must, rather you want a nice drive around the island or chose to be more active with ziplining, hiking the rain forest or swimming with dolphins.


The St. Kitts Marriott is the largest hotel on island and is home to the Royal Casino. Guests here can easily walk to the Frigate Bay Strip with its’ many restaurants and beach. The strip comes alive at night with live entertainment that lasts into the wee hours of the morning. The Cockleshell Beach area I find is the best location for weddings. The beach is amazing and the view of Nevis is breathtaking. Spice Mill is our favorite location for weddings and Neslyn Nesbitt is amazing. They recently added an outdoor patio to the restaurant. The food here is amazing. Another must stop is sunset cocktails at the Salt Palage. There is no better location to watch the sunset. The Circus in town is the center of activity as cruise passengers and locals mingle. Vendors are selling local items and Smoothie King is the best as they make all natural smoothies.Yu lounge

Every island has an answer to Starbucks and in St. Kitts that is Rituals. You can stop by for coffee, smoothies, pastries or sandwiches. There are several locations throughout the island. Caribelle Batik offers guests an opportunity to see how Batik cloth is made and to purchase items as well. Great spot for photos. Brimstone Hill and it’s history are also another must stop. Just learning how the fort was built and the battles fought there will amazing everyone. A quick stop by the black rocks is also great for picture taking. Soon to come to St. Kitts is a Park Hyatt hotel.

I can’t think of a better place to get married and share with family and friends or just the two of you. We are your St. Kitts Travel Specialist and we followed our heart to St. Kitts and hope you will too!

Brenda Washington O’Neale



All About St. Kitts with Brenda O’Neale