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How to Travel with Your Wedding Dress


Hooray! You’ve finally decided on a location for your destination wedding (imagine a beach sunset ceremony in the lovely U.S. Virgin Islands). When you make your To Do list, make sure that wedding dress transportation is top priority.

You wouldn’t dare stuff that precious garment into your checked luggage but how exactly will you get your dress to your destination in one piece? Pack a travel steamer, ease your mind and consider one of these options:

Priority Boarding

Contact your airline ahead of time to request priority boarding and ask if your plane has a front closet to hang your precious cargo in. Booking first class, if you can swing it, would be beneficial as well.

Splurge on a Plane Ticket or…

find out if any seats are empty. If you’re willing to pay, you may consider purchasing a one-way ticket for your dress. Or, if your flight isn’t completely full, ask if there are any open seats you can put your dress in, free of cost. You may be able to swap seats with the passenger next to the empty seat or at least sit closer to it.

Use the Overhead Bin


Another option is to place your dress in a garment bag, gently fold it in half and stow it in the overhead bin. You may even luck out and be able to lay it flat across carryon bags in the bin to reduce wrinkling. If you decide to store your dress in its own carry-on on bag, make sure that you know the maximum dimensions allowed for your particular airline. International planes often require smaller dimensions than domestic.

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How To Travel With Your Wedding Dress