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On December 19, 2023 I left my home in Charlotte, North Carolina and headed to St. Maarten where I was to board the largest sailing yacht, ClubMed2. The ClubMed2 has 5 masts and is 2700 square meters long. With 184 recently renovated cabins, I could hardly wait to board and enjoy this special cruise line.

Let me start by saying that I am not a cruise fan, but I am learning to be open and experience it starting out with a smaller ship and a sailing one at that.

The crew is predominantly French but there is staff from around the world. I took a taxi from the airport to the port and enjoyed the knowledge of my driver. At that time there were several large ships in port and it was getting closer to sailing time.

We easily boarded the beautiful yacht and were taken to registration where I presented my passport (which they kept) and was given a card with our photo to charge and board and disembark the ship. We were then shown to our stateroom which was quite nice and a good size. I was blessed with a porthole and I did take full advantage to watch the yacht come into ports. We gathered shortly after for our safety drill (I was the only one who showed up with a life vest) and then at 4:30pm high tea was served with beverages, sandwiches and pastries. I proceeded to the upper deck to watch the sail away and this was so much different than the larger ship I had sailed on before.

And at 5:30pm, we were on our way to one of my favorite islands St. Kitts. We had our first dinner in the main dining room and the food and service were amazing. After dinner some agents headed to cocktails, but I headed to my bed because there was a bit of motion. The concierge was able to provide medicine that provided great relief.

Next morning, I was able to watch her sail into Port Zante in St. Kitts. I have been visiting St. Kitts for over 20 years and this was my first time visiting by sea. The port was empty and I had arranged for my friend Maxine to take me and my Club Med BDM Omar Solis around the island. St.Kitts is an amazing destination and we had the opportunity to visit, black rocks, Carribelle Batik and so much more. I love people and the vibe in St. Kitts. It was truly a different experience entering St. Kitts by sea.

ClubMed2 slowly entered the port and the view of the coastline was spectacular as we approached one of the most beautiful ports in the Caribbean. We had another great evening onboard as it was all white night. Thank you for the shops in Port Zante that enabled me to purchase that all white outfit.

The sea was much calmer today and we set sail for Deshais a French Island that is a part of Guadeloupe. Deshais is a small fishing village that provided us with a very warm welcome as we tendered in from the yacht. Locals greeted us dressed in festive Christmas attire and singing Christmas carols. Several members of our group walked to the ATM to exchange funds for taxi ride to the beach, the beautiful brown sand beaches were much different than most beaches in the Caribbean, no beach chairs or umbrellas just natural beauty. Upon returning to the yacht the chef had prepared an amazing lunch. Sail time was 5 pm everyday and that piggy backed off of teatime.

Next stop was Les Saintes. Les Saintes consists of 9 islands, two of which are inhabited. This was my favorite stop. The unplanned can make the best experiences. This stop replaced Jost Van Dyke. Again, we tendered into the dock and we’re greeted by locals selling local spirits. We had been advised that there was no transportation to the beach and we would have to walk, but one of the agents remembered that she had experienced golf carts on her previous visit. Just them some golf carts came by and the last golf cart carried the local owner of the golf carts. She gave 2 of us a ride and promised to return for us which she did.

Again, the beaches were amazing and not crowded. The water was an amazing temperature, and you could see to the bottom in the waist deep water. Upon her return, she provided us with a tour of this island that uses golf carts as its primary mode of transportation. She took us to Fort Napoleon with its spectacular view of other yachts in port. We were also treated to the most amazing ice cream as we made our way back to the yacht.

At sail away time I heard the most incredible music being played and I made my way to the upper deck to watch the sails unfold. I must admit it was very emotional and I did share tears at that beautiful site. Our dinner that evening was an all-black affair.

Final stop on this cruise was Pointe-a-Pitre Guadeloupe. Club Med has a resort here and we had the opportunity to tour the resort that is situated on the most beautiful beach. The food was some of the best we had was also the first time the crew had been able to open the sports deck with its many activities. We had a chance to purchase items from local vendors before making our way to the airport. I am thankful for the opportunity to sail the French Caribbean board the world’s largest sailing vessel ClubMed2 and would highly recommend this experience.

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