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Recently visited Jamaica and had the good fortune to meet two very dynamic ladies. And what a meeting that was! Ms. Tricia-Ann Bicarie and Ms.Camecia Maddan of Sea Garden Beach Resort in Montego Bay. What a pair and what luck for Sea Garden to have these two dynamic, persuasive and gracious ladies as part of their team.

I was already staying at a large all-inclusive which was fine – lots of amenities but was not thrilled with the meals, especially their version of the traditional jerk fare. Anyway, I was persuaded to spend a night at the Sea Garden Resort about 10 minutes from the airport. I only committed to one night (in case it did not work out). Saw all the lovely photos and was convinced that I would have an excellent dining experience comprising of local products. Being a born wanderer/traveler, I decided to take up the challenge and spend the day/night and leave the next morning as I had another engagement.

What luck! I was graciously picked up by Ms. Camecia Maddan who was simply charming. We chatted all the way to the property and she was just so proud to show off this charming place. We arrived and checked in to what turned out to be a good choice on my part. Before being assigned a room/suite I was taken to the dining room where the chef had a variety of excellent choices. Food was excellent. I could not wait to meet the Chef and was so glad he came by to introduce himself.

Chef Beckford assured me that everything that was served was either grown in the garden or done in an ethical way. It seems they are not only committed to the environment, but it was mandatory to use local products only. All meats are local and that the government have a strict policy not only in the handling of food, but emphasize the need to use local products only. I did not know that safety inspectors do random checks on everyone that handles food: even those that sell on the street. Your nails have to be a certain length (very short) and very clean, the washing of hands demand that you must have easy access to running water. If you work in the hotel in any capacity and must visit the kitchen for anything, you must have a food handler’s permit. The fines can be very stiff if you are caught with any infractions. Did not know this. And of course was told that the local KFC uses local chicken? Did not try it but from the meals I had at this property, I can tell there is a difference in the taste of local foods vs what is passed on to us at the supermarket. You can tell that when I travel, I make it a point to eat local.

The property was charming, and you would think being ten minutes from the airport you would constantly have the roar of the planes. Not so. You are tucked away into the most majestic space with so many gazebos on the water, you will just bring a pillow and camp out. Loved every minute of my stay and do plan to visit this property again. I would also like to add that you have free wifi and flat screen television.

For the night you had a band playing all the local music. And they were excellent. Everyone got up to dance, and of course I joined the throng. The night staff was on the floor showing the latest moves and encouraging everyone to get up and have a good time. And a good time it was.

To learn more about this property or to book your reservation:Int’l Toll Free Number 1-844-742-7778



















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