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Giving Bridal Party Gifts

GIVING BRIDAL PARTY GIFTS The protocol for giving gifts to the bridal party involves expressing gratitude to those who have played a special role in your wedding. These gifts are a thoughtful way to show…[More]

Tradition of Wearing a Veil

The tradition of wearing a veil during weddings has ancient and varied origins, with historical and cultural significance. Here are some historical reasons behind the tradition of brides wearing veils: 1. Ancient Rome and Greece:…[More]

Wedding Vows – Making It Personal

Traditional wedding vows often have a timeless and poetic quality, expressing the couple’s commitment, love, and promises to each other. While these vows can vary based on cultural, religious, or personal preferences, here are some…[More]

Bridal Cakes & Customs

BRIDAL CAKES & CUSTOMS Wedding Cake 1. Symbolism The wedding cake is a significant element in many wedding traditions. It symbolizes the couple’s union and is often cut together during the reception, symbolizing the first…[More]

What’s Trending in Jamaica For 2018

What’s Trending in Jamaican For 2018 By Myrtle Dwyer – Chief Destination Concierge Travel to Jamaica continues to grow with new and expanded options for 2018. Chief Destination Concierge, Myrtle Dwyer is on top of…[More]