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One Sea, One Voice, One Caribbean

Today we mourn with the entire region the destruction of life and property of several Caribbean Islands due to hurricane Irma. This is the time of year when hurricanes threaten the region, just like snow in some parts of the world; and we are always mindful that sometimes nature takes over. This year nature has seen it fit to visit Texas and now the Caribbean. We will rebuild, we will pull together, and we will make it hospitable again.

How can I be so sure? I was born in the Caribbean, I know the islands well, but most of all I am familiar with the generosity and hardworking people of the Caribbean. I am one of them.

You valued visitor planning your getaway, romance, wedding or honeymoon – nature has seen fit to provide you with more stress. What do you do now? When it comes to crisis management, the Caribbean is very good at this. Every destination has a given Department/Spokesperson to provide timely and accurate updates and in addition we are fortunate to have Organizations that take over in dispensing correct information or the raising of funds. I have no doubt that you are transfixed with all the images of destruction on Social Media, but remember you are only seeing one area of destruction through the eyes or lens of another. To learn more about where you can get the full picture and up-to-date information:

So dear visitor, hold off on your plans, push your date back a little – We are providing updates on the status of each destination and will work with you to either transfer your event/holiday to another destination or take a break and wait until the cleanup of your given destination is finished. We will re-organize and if you would like to contribute please do not hesitate to visit the links above. They are legitimate and one thing I know is that if a dollar is given, the entire dollar goes to helping the people of the region. Not a percentage: the whole dollar.


One Sea, One Voice, One Caribbean