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I love to travel, but most important, the opportunity to find islands/countries that are geared to romance and be able to tell you all about them.

Let me congratulate you once again on your engagement, and if you are looking to celebrate your love in a Caribbean Destination, is designed to help you make this as easy as possible.

Once such destination is none other than Puerto Rico.  The streets of old San Juan with its cobblestone walkway, and charming old world homes, is one of the most romantic spots you can find.  I just love this destination.

Take a walk between the walled cities and see the brightly colored homes and shops lining the street and see history come alive.  You would not believe you are in Puerto Rico!  The restaurants are unbelievable good.  Do stop in at the famous Hotel El Convento, a former Carmelite Convent built three and a half centuries ago.  And just right across the street is the famous Catholic Church.  Learn to make Mfongo at the local restaurant.

The hotel selections are diverse also, you can find large hotels to  small boutiques.  Whatever you choose, you are guaranteed to have a wonderful time. With over 13,000 hotel rooms across the island, you should have no trouble finding the right one.  If you do, just send me a quick email.

I stayed at the lovely Condado Plaza Hotel & Casino.  It is a good vantage point to cover the San Juan area and it offers all the amenities, including gambling.  The hotel has been renovated and the lobby and rooms are quite lovely.

Shopping in Puerto Rico is legendary.  Most of the high end stores here in the United States have shopping outlets in Old San Juan.  From Coach to Ralph Lauren, shopping here should be a must on your list.

To simplify life and make it all easier for you: Contact ‘GetShopped PR” and they will take you around to the sights and wonders of this fabulous destination. TEL:1-787-381-2861 or  They are knowledgeable, gracious and fun.  Excellent, excellent guides.

Do remember, you do not need a passport to visit Puerto Rico, and getting married there is a breeze.  Check out ‘legal requirements’ on the ‘home page’ of MarryCaribbean.  If you are just celebrating your honeymoon,  your choice of visiting Puerto Rico is a good one.  Lots of night life, casino, beach, history, shopping…but do remember, it is all about Romance.





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